We are here to make your experience in the departments the best it can be. If you have any questions for any of us feel free to get in touch

matsoc president

Hi, I’m AJ and am excited to be the incoming MatSoc President over 2020/2021 Basically my role is to liaise with the department and the other RSM societies as well as ensure the committee runs smoothly as we work through tasks, events and projects over the coming year.
MatSoc has always been about making sure the students really get the best of their experience at imperial, and the society itself has come leaps and bounds forward to being honestly one of the best societies here (not many can say they have two common rooms, an annual dinner with guest speakers and a Nespresso coffee machine). I’d really like to carry on improving the society and would thoroughly enjoy your guys suggestions on how to make this year the best it can be.

Arinjay Jadeja

matsoc vice president

Hi I'm George, a third year and your new Vice President for the upcoming year.

My main role for the year is to oversee the events that happen throughout the year and also maintain our strong relationships, both with the department and with industry. This will involve the continuation of the 'Beyond University' lecture series, an informative and diverse careers fair and many exciting industry visits. I will also strive for complete unity throughout the cohort - enabling for another fun year of MatSoc!

Vice President

George Morgan

matsoc treasurer

Hi, I’m Marcus and I’ll be your MatSoc Treasurer for the coming academic year!

As treasurer, my job is to coordinate the society’s finances and keep on top of the flow of funds in and out of the MatSoc account. My aim is ensure that MatSoc deliver their usual slew of unmissable events and trips, at massively subsidised prices. Some of my top priorities for the year are to maintain clear communication within the committee, be transparent about the use of the society's funds, and making sure there is plenty of money left over at the end of year to run the fabled MatSoc Tour!


Marcus Auty-Jacklin

matsoc honorary secretary

Hi everyone, I’m Jess and I’m your MatSoc secretary for this academic year!
From meetings to trips, dinners to career fairs, my role is to support other committee members to ensure the smooth running of the society! I’m also in charge of merchandise and hope to follow in my predecessors steps to bring new merchandise to the society (did someone say fleeces?!) However, I’m always open to suggestions so let me know if you have any great ideas!

Honorary Secretary

Jessica Dring-Morris

matsoc events officer

Hi, I'm Charlie and I'm looking forward to being the MatSoc events officer for the coming year

As events officer I will work towards delivering a year full of great MatSoc events with a combination of social and academic activities.  I aim to organise plenty of academic lunchtime MatSoc lectures (with pizza), as well as a great Mum's and Dad's experience for new first years. Working with the MatSoc team, hopefully it will be possible to run all of the beloved events from previous years such as, the christmas curry, new years dinner and a summer industrial tour. 

Please approach or contact me with any additional ideas for events!

Events Officer
Charlie Hutchings

matsoc publicity officer

Hi I'm Pooja and I'm your publicity officer for next year
My role is to keep everyone informed of all the various events happening throughout the year, whether that's via email, social media, posters or lecture shoutouts. I'm really looking forward to seeing you all at these events as it's a great way to get involved with university life!

Publicity Officer
Pooja Rohatgi

matsoc sponsorship officer

One of the most, if not the most, important jobs at Matsoc is the role of sponsorship officer. Freshly inaugurated to the constitution, this position is all about developing and nurturing links with companies; for their, and our, mutual gain. This year this prodigious position will be filled by myself and I am extremely excited to get started. Having previously served as an event officer, before my tenure was cut short because of COVID, I was made extremely aware of the importance of the role. With the charity of our sponsors we wouldn't be such a great society, so I must continue to increase revenue.  
We are continually searching for partnerships with companies and would like to hear your suggestions. If you have a specific area that you are interested in and want to a develop network, please get in touch with me.

Sponsorship Officer
Adam Cliff

matsoc magazine officer

Hi, I’m Ash and I am the incoming Magazine Officer. My role is to edit and produce the MatSoc Magazine with reports of industrial visits, reviews of materials related topics and events, interviews with academics and/ sponsors and student reflections (e.g. about summer placements and internships). I will work towards greater engagement from everyone in the department by advertising relevant events taking place throughout the year and encourage students to attend and write a review on these. Please do contact me if you would like to write an article!

Magazine Officer

Aishwarya Varanasi

matsoc web officer

Hi, I’m Alisha and I’ll be your Web Master for the year.
I hope to keep the MatSoc website running smoothly. This means you’ll have access to recent editions of the magazine, information about our sponsors, as well as a reliable calendar so you don’t miss out on the fun!

Web Officer

Alisha Keshwala

matsoc departmental academic representative

Hi, I’m Susannah and I’m the Departmental Academic Rep for next year
My job is to act as a link between you and both the staff in the department and the union to help solve problems and provide feedback about anything academic related. There will also be an academic rep for each year group, elected at the beginning of next year, which is a great opportunity to get to know your year and the department better, so don’t forget to run!

Academic Rep

Susannah Lea

matsoc wellbeing departmental representative

My role is to ensure the positive wellbeing of our student body to tackle the rigour of our degrees effectively. I’ll be working closely with other reps in feeding back to staff—having your voices heard to push for adjustments that help minimise stress. Of course, also look forward to many Wellbeing events, and the continuation of our traditional Tea and Biscuits. This year, I hope to foster a more integrated community within and across year groups and staff. Enlighten me with your suggestions and feedback anytime: I’m all ears!

Wellbeing Rep
Emily Li